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Congrats to Simo - a winner of a Best Poster Award at the MRS Fall 2022 Meeting in Boston

Congrats to Hannah - a winner of a 2022-2023 MIT Presidential Fellowship

Congrats to Buxuan - a winner of a 2022-2023 Evergreen Fellowship supported by the MIT Deshpande Center



Congrats to Amy - a winner of an NSF Graduate Fellowship


Congrats to Simo - a winner of a 2022 Wunsch Foundation Silent Hoist and Crane Award for Excellence in a Graduate Student

Congrats to team SVETEX - semi-finalists in the Microfiber Innovation Challenge




MIT NEWS: Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of the future? 




Congrats to the students Matteo Alberghini & Francesco Signorato - the winners of a Runner-Up Award at the 2019 MIT MechE Research Exhibit!



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Materials to Help Beat the Heat—in Style - Optics and Photonics News

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Black polymer films can be made cooler at a stretch - Materials Today


Catch sunlight and pin it down​ - The Statesman

Physics: Contactless method to produce clean water - Nature Asia

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A new way to turn saltwater fresh can kill germs and avoid gunk buildup - Science News

Sun-soaking device turns water into superheated steam: High-temperature steam might be used in remote regions to cook, clean, or sterilize medical equipment - Science Daily


Wearable Fabrics for Passive Heating and Cooling - Can Polyethylene Do Both? - MRS Meeting Scene Highlights

How next-generation fabrics will keep you cool in summer heat - MIT Technology Review

Material witness: could polythene clothes be cool? - Nature Materials News & Views

Одежда, которая охлаждает -


A full gamut of colors in all-dielectric, cheap, and large-scale artificial butterfly wings - Nanowerk Spotlight


Drastic phase changes in topologically-engineered planar absorbers improve sensitivity of optical sensors -