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Undegraduate Research Experiental Learning Opportunity

Apply By:  September 21, 2020

Term: Fall

DLC : MechE

MIT Faculty Supervisor Name: Svetlana Boriskina

MIT Faculty Supervisor Email:

Project Title:  Research ELO - Functional materials engineering for space exploration missions   

Project Description:  The student will be involved in the ongoing collaborative work with the Aero Astro Department (Prof. Dava Newman) on the development of fabric-based materials for Lunar & Mars missions. The goal is to adapt the SmartPE fabric technology Dr. Boriskina developed for terrestrial applications for incorporation into the space suits. The fabrics in the existing form provide passive thermoregulation and radiation shielding from gamma rays, and the end goal is to further engineer them to provide active temperature control (through the twistocaloric effect) and protection from heavy particles (via material doping). The RA will be primarily tasked with conducting the literature review of the textiles and other polymer-based materials developed for space applications. They will work closely with Prof. Newman's student Cody Paige on co-authoring a review book chapter on this topic to be included in the upcoming book on Fabrics Engineering.  This research ELO will be all remote.

Prerequisites:  There are no required prerequisites besides a general passion for research and good writing skills, but prior experience with polymer science and/or heat transfer will be helpful.


We will also support applications of strong candidates for NSF and other personal post-doctoral fellowships as a host research group.