Open positions

Undegraduate Research Experiental Learning & Undergraduate Thesis Opportunities

Please reach out if you are interested in UROP or UG thesis opportunities (experimental or computational) in these research areas:

- Fiber & Textile Engineering & Sustainability 

- Control of Thermal Radiation (from passive cooling to infrared camouflaging)

- Additive Manufacturing

- Nanophotonics, Plasmonics & Metamaterials 

- Atmospheric Water Harvesting

- Development of MATLAB (or Python) based codes for scientific data visualization and Computing Photonic Materials class micro-projects  


Graduate Student & Postdoc Opportunities

At this time, we are happy to support candidates for NSF and other personal graduate & postdoc fellowships (e.g., Marie Curie, etc) as a host research group. Please also reach out for help with fellowship proposal preparation and/or to discuss your research interests and skills in case RA funding becomes available.